About me

I got started working in tech by way of a marketing role at a small startup in Sunnyvale, California and I was fortunate enough to find some great mentors who helped me level up quickly in my career.

Over the last 10+ years design has given me the opportunity to travel to places like France, Thailand, and Myanmar where I have had the opportunity to create experiences for audiences using multiple languages, non-unicode compliant fonts, significant cultural constraints, and wildly different mental models.

I am currently working at Progressive Insurance as a Principal Product Designer leading design efforts for multiple teams building internal tools for agents in the field and employees in the claims division.

Lance hanging out with his daughters

Whenever I'm not designing I'm probably spending time with my wife and girls, reading classic literature, or working on keeping our 1920 Tudor Revival in good shape. I'm interested in learning more about rental properties, great travel destinations, and low-key prepping.

I am low-key obsessed with design philosophy and principles like those listed on Laws Of UX which inform my work on a daily basis. I am writing on Medium and currently taking courses on visual design and advanced figma techniques on maven.com.

My ideal role would be at a mid-sized company that values design working with a smart group of people solving challenging problems using innovative technology.

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